Tech Life: Two year old addicted to Angy Birds

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Tech Life: Two year old addicted to Angy Birds

The music starts and never stops.  Well, it never stops in head.  It stays stuck there all day long.  It doesn’t help that everyone is talking about it!  It also doesn’t help that the less informed crowd is just starting to take notice of this phenomenon, so they’re talking about it 24/7.  What song is this?  Well, it’s the Angry Birds theme song, of course!

There was a big announcement yesterday by a little company called, Google.  You might have heard of them.  They are the little search engine that could take over the world.  They announced yesterday that you can now play Angry Birds on your PC.  The popular mobile game is now available as an app in the Google Chrome Browser Web Store for free.

I purchased a netbook for my wife as a gift for Mother’s Day.  She likes the form factor of the Asus.  I installed Chrome on it, because I trust Chrome to run lighter than IE, even IE9.  (The netbook only has 1GB of RAM.  I might upgrade it to 2GB in the near future.)  Upon the news of the Angry Birds app being released to the Web Store, she asked I install it for her.

As soon as the app launched and the music started playing, Carmencita abandoned her tea party picnic in front of the television, leaped into my wife’s lap and was babbling something about birds all along the way.  She jumped up and down on the couch and demanded my wife play the game so she could watch the birds fly through the air.  Upon impact, she’d say, “Oh, no! He’s hurt and needs a bandy.”

She’s always like Angry Birds ever since we had it on the iPod Touch.  We’d sit together on the couch and try to find YouTube videos of unofficial cartoons featuring the furious flock.  She would laugh and giggle each and every time one of them would do their prepare-for-launch scream.

So, this is where I launch my plea:

O, Rovio, O, Rovio…

Would you hurry the hell up already and strike a deal with a production studio on a TV series?!

My kid wants it.  Heck, even adults want it!  It could be done in the style of Animaniacs, Pinky and the Brain or, a better example would be, The Goodfeathers.  Stop with the cameos.  Everyone already referred to Rio as the “Angry Birds movie.”  It is time to make a deal and put everyone out of their misery, cause, seriously, some of us are starting to get a little tired of playing your silly game just so our children can watch the bird go Weeeeeee!

Are you an Angry Birds fan or are you getting sick of hearing about the game?  Did you install the Angry Birds app to Chrome?

Does your kid like the game?  Can they play it by themselves or do you have to help them?

Let us know in the comments.

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